13th Jan 2023 v0.42.3
Members Choice XIV Pack Released!

Happy New Year & welcome to the release of the 14th Members Choice Pack!

  • 1985 MC Montague 2.0 Turbo:
    Featuring a very respectable 150 BHP, especially in the 80s, this car was sure to get people to move over!
  • 1999 BWL NE 4.9:
    One of the finest sports saloons ever made!
  • 1996 Terrota Starlite 1.3 Glesna:
    A popular JDM import, the turbo turned a humdrum hatchback into a hot hatch for the PlayStation generation!
  • 2000 Panini Zultan 7.0 C12-S:
    A carbon fibre Italian supercar for the millennium!
  • 2000 VoltPogen Parkour 1.6 GTi:
    It took until the refresh around 2000, that the Mk3 GTi finally made it to the UK after the earlier supercharged variants!

Also: Data corrections to the existing Alsten Montague cars.

As usual the above vehicles may be available new or second hand in the classifieds, as appropriate, from time to time! All players can access these vehicles. A big thank you to those that have contributed towards getting these in-game!

Other changes, including those that were delayed from before the Christmas break will be coming soon but you will need to bare with me as I catch-up after the holidays!

With the Job Centre offering the ability to do much more in the game, there has never been a better time to join! Every penny makes a difference and it only costs from as little as £1.99 a month! (when paid yearly)

Don't miss out on the full experience!

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