4th April 2024 v0.51.0
New Job, Member's Choice & Tweaks Galore!

Plenty to cover in this big release, so let's get started!

Version 0.51 Release image
Version 0.51 Release!
Members Choice Pack XXII image
Including: Members Choice XXII Release!
New Job & Temp Job Changes

New Express Courier Job with a new mileage rate paying perk! This job is for large panel vans only and covers more mileage than the other van jobs!

Other Changes:

  • Job Centre working days are now saved automatically.
  • Clarity improvements to the displaying of body subtype restrictions in classified jobs.
  • Can now specify the general vehicle size for jobs.
  • Fixed: Ice cream vans can no longer do "Man With A Van" jobs. Keeping the doors open would melt the ice cream.
  • Classified Temp Jobs: Consolidated code for payout calculations.
Members Choice Pack XXII!
  • 1998 Portsmouth Poacher 3.5:
    A love of 1930s hot rods brought about a distinctive and brave design. No one would ever accuse you of being boring driving one of these!
  • 2000 Locust Elisje 1.8:
    Take a lightweight sports car and turn it into a track car for the road.
  • 1997 Mazeroni Giburi 2.0 Cup:
    The road-going version of an open cup racing series car. Featuring the highest output per litre of any street car at the time!
  • 1984 Rheanol 15 1.4 Maxi Turbo:
    Another exuberant road-going special from the famed mid-80s rally series!
  • 1991 Clautzia V16T 6.0:
    (Bonus) Born in the 80s, released in the 90s. Dialing 1980s excess to 11 with dual rows of pop-up headlights, big vents a traditional supercar wedge profile!
Vehicle Data Corrections & New Photos

Following feedback from the community, I have updated a variety of the vehicles in-game. There are still many to do, and it will take time, but thank you to those that submitted these!

  • Added new photos for 1982 Verdhent Astrum 1.3 GL and updated stats.
  • Corrected photo and updated cargo capacity for 1989 BWL C18 1.8i
  • Updated cargo capacity of 1977 Verdhent Chivalry 1.6 GL
  • Updated cargo capacity of 2000 Jacquard JS-8
  • Updated cargo capacity of Mitsalithi Celtic 2000 1.6 GLS, 1996 1.3 GLX & 1987 1.5 GLX
  • Updated cargo capacity of Verdhent Nouvelle hatchbacks and saloons
  • Updated cargo capacity of Virvlo P74 and P76
  • Corrected stats of 1996 Marque-Denizen Spinner TD.
  • Updates to vans: Minor name changes and body style data changes.
  • Fixed 1976 Fitalia ACA 2.0 Armando Rally vehicle category.
  • Corrected name and updated stats for 2000 Mitsalithi Lender 2.0 Evo VI Rallisport Edition.
New Vacancies Area & Recruiting for a new Discord Moderator!

A new section of the website has been created to allow me to advertise vacant positions, such as those for new Discord moderators!

Anti-Cheat Improvements
  • Began automated multiple account detection triage.
  • Begin creating an infraction system.
  • Fixed a bug with multiple account checking.
Development Roadmap

Added a section for covering when the next bigger release is approximately scheduled.

Income Goal Progress!

I'm pleased to report that the game now appears to be consistently meeting the 3rd income goal! Whilst this feels like a very long time coming now, it is a big relief to finally start to get some of my financial freedom back. Thank you to all current and past members for making this happen!

I will keep working hard to maintain this and to try and make the 4th income goal a reality as the game increasingly approaches sustainability!

I cover this in more detail in the recent member update!

Usability Improvements
  • Standard vehicle details now show cargo capacity and full body style.
  • Updated map and screenshots for login / screenshot buttons on the main site.
  • Re-worked classified jobs page to work better on mobile devices.
  • Tweaks to news page when displayed on mobile devices.
  • "Please login" link on logged out page replaced with a button.
  • Improved displaying of part size selector on mobile devices.
  • Minor tweaks to the single race event's menu.
  • Tweaks to the main home page.
  • Mobile view screenshots now appear on the main site on mobile devices.
  • Updated some "login" references to "log in" where relevant.
  • Additional note added to account reset page.
  • Added a link to the terms and conditions from the membership FAQ page.
Membership Boosting!

Added the ability to apply membership boosts. More will be announced about this in the future!

Help Section Improvements
  • Added new steps to tutorial discussing the temp. job system.
  • Various improvements to tutorial steps.
  • Re-worked basics help page and re-vamped "back" buttons for help section pages.
  • Re-working help contents page.
Terms & Conditions / Rules / Privacy Policy Update

A revised set of terms & conditions and privacy policy are also being released today. These are designed to be easier to read, give more clarity, remove some ambiguities and help pave the way for the future. As usual, the minimum amount of data is used to run the game and associated services.

If you'd like to know more about the game and its development, then please consider becoming a member and getting the inside track on what's coming up in the future! It all makes a difference and costs from as little as £2.50 a month! (when paid yearly)

Don't miss out on the full experience!

Other noteworthy changes since v0.50.10:
  • Updated the T&Cs and privacy policy.
  • User vehicle submission.
  • Various improvements to the game testing framework.
  • Various and much code re-factoring and improvements across many areas of the game.
  • Fixed issue with vehicles appearing multiple times when viewing players which own multiple vehicles of the same type.
  • Fixed a bug with forum bans.
  • Sustainability metrics have now been updated for April 2024 national living wage and senior developer salary projection.
  • Added note to sustainability page, covering family and life commitment constraints.
  • Updated sustainability metrics & development roadmap.
  • Platform upgrades.

25th Jan 2024 v0.50.10
Small Tweaks & Artistic Sheets!

Welcome to 2024! Just a small update this time round, and I also wanted to share some festive artwork created on the community Discord server during the festive break!

Player Challenge Wager Limits for Newer Players

For players who have accounts less than 28 days old the following player challenge wager limits will now apply:

  • Player accounts less than 14 days old: Max. £50 wagers.
  • Player accounts less than 28 days old: Max. £100 wagers.
  • Player accounts 28 days or older: Max. £200 wagers as before.

These changes have been made as part of the ongoing anti-cheat measures. This will also help protect newer players from unwittingly losing too much money in unfair challenges.

MotorNation Christmas / End of Year Fan-work Event

Credit to one of our Discord moderators, outrun1986, for holding an impromptu event over the festive holidays! With the basic premise being:

"In this event you can submit fan-made work of anything MotorNation related, such as your garage, cars going racing, the signature Ford Capri, heck - maybe even put Wrenchy in there."

Artwork by Maverick74!
Hot Rod / Dragster, artwork by Maverick74!
Artwork by StygiantheDrake!
Synchronised Drift, artwork by StygiantheDrake!

Thanks also to Discord user shaditoes for also submitting the amusing piece called "Wrenchy gets a dui in an au falcon"! Unfortunately, I've not heard back about posting it here, but why not take a look in the Discord thread!

Main Priority & Next Member Update!

Following on from the member update last year, the main priority for the time being will be getting the mobile app ready. There is continued strong demand for this (the game is still playable via mobile web browsers too!) and I absolutely need to make the game sustainable. This will be a major milestone in achieving this!

On the subject of member updates, the next one will likely go out in the next couple of weeks. This will give more details; what changes I am making for 2024 and likely (since I often get carried away) much more!

With new membership perks being regularly added, there has never been a better time to join! It all makes a difference and costs from as little as £2.50 a month! (when paid yearly)

Don't miss out on the full experience!

Other noteworthy changes since v0.50.0:
  • Corrected name and updated stats for 2000 Mitsalithi Lender 2.0 Evo VI Rallisport Edition.
  • Slight tweaks to bailiff script logging as part of anti-cheat measures.
  • Fixed current year appearing twice when viewing a previous year on the public news page.
  • Updated sustainability metrics & development roadmap.
  • Platform upgrades.

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