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Stage Zero, State of The Nation & The Future!

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Gain additional game features and support the continuing development by becoming a member!

During Beta, the membership is discounted and those joining at this stage will have a permanent discount as a thank you for your support!

Please note that the list of benefits will continue to grow over time with your support.


Please Note: We endeavour to process memberships within 24 hours.

Beta Member - From £1.49 a month
  • Gain access to Member Only Features!
    • Rent a garage to increase car storage by one, cheaply and quickly!
    • Access to an additional seven housing types, offering storage of up to 28 vehicles!
    • Ability to advertise up to 4 vehicles in the classifieds at once!
    • Classified ads with a full colour photo! Make your adverts stand out!
    • Access to the Members in-game Forum!
    • Gain the members role on Discord which grants access to the #members channel!
    • Removes Membership Adverts
  • Directly support the development of the game. Want new and better features? More content? Buying membership makes this happen!
    • Gain member exclusive insight into future updates
    • Ability to vote in Member exclusive polls! 1.5 Votes (e.g. member voted car packs)
    • See the descriptions and states of tasks on the development roadmap!
  • More benefits coming soon!
  • Thank you!
Beta Gold Member - From £3.50 a month
  • All of the above!
  • Gain Gold Member Perks!
    • 3.5 votes in Member exclusive polls! (e.g. member voted car packs)
    • Submit your own vehicle for inclusion in the game!
    • Your name will appear in Gold in game as a show of appreciation!
    • Gain the goldmembers role on Discord!
  • Your increased donation will further support the game beyond that of a member!
  • Many thanks!
Beta Platinum 💿 Member - From £5.79 a month
  • All of the above!
  • Gain Platinum Member Perks! 🤩
    • A whole 6 votes in Member exclusive polls! (e.g. member voted car packs)
    • Want some real exclusivity? Your name will appear in Platinum in game as a show of appreciation!
    • Gain the platinummembers role on Discord!
  • Your increased donation will further support the game beyond that of even a gold member!
  • Thank you very much!
Beta Diamond 💎 Member - From £9.79 a month
  • All of the above!
  • Gain Diamond Member Perks! 😍
    • A massive 10 votes in Member exclusive polls! (e.g. member voted car packs)
    • Think platinum is too common? Your name will appear in Diamond in game as a show of appreciation!
    • Gain the diamondmembers role on Discord!
  • Your increased donation will significantly support the game beyond that of even a platinum member!
  • Amazing - thank you so much!
How to get Membership?

You can gain membership through either Ko-fi or Patreon.


Cheapest & your money goes further

(doesn't charge VAT as money is paid directly to myself)


(charges VAT as money is paid to Patreon)

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Showing Support for the Game

The game as it stands today is the bare shell of what I'd like to create and I hope with a little luck and support I can build it into something amazing!

Game Membership

Your support would make a real difference to the future of the game 👍. Please see above for how you can do this!


If you would like to give a one-off donation to the project then I gratefully accept donations via Ko-fi, thank you! This will also grant you access to supporter posts for 30 days.


Spread the word!

Telling your favourite online communities or friends & family about the game is one of the best ways you can help. That way the player base grow with no cost to yourself 😀

Buy from the shop!

Take a look at our Redbubble store and see if there is anything you fancy. If you buy one of our self-made designs then we get a modest commission and you get some cool wares! 😎

  • The more support I receive the bigger and better the game can become, both in terms of features and content.
  • Games like this take a lot of time (& therefore money) to make. I have been working on this project for more years than I'd like to admit. Over the past couple of years I completely re-vamped the game to create a solid foundation for the future.
  • For the project to continue at this pace, I need support. With your help this would be possible.

MotorNation is an automotive strategy game where the ownership of vehicles is as important as anything else. In the racing games of the late 90s working your way through the ranks to buy better cars was part of the core formula, but in more recent years games throw cars at the player like confetti - most of which are never used. The aim of MotorNation is to distill the ownership parts of racing games and combine them ultimately into a complete automotive ownership simulation.

The game is far more than meets the eye. It has been designed to be easy to play but underneath is a number of complex models, simulating many different aspects including:

  • How fast a car can drive around a race circuit
  • Car performance upgrades and their effects
  • Car wear and tear, which also increases when being raced
  • Car valuations based on the year 2000
  • Simulated second hand cars including mileage/wear/rarity
  • Car class calculation to show the racing potential of cars
  • Simulated citizens that will buy your car based on price at semi-random intervals

It has taken substantial effort to progress the game this far but I believe now is the time for it to grow and with your help we can achieve this.

Who am I?

I'm Andrew and I've been obsessing about cars for as long as I'd been able to talk. This project has been my passion for many years and I believe it is an original game with nothing else quite like it.

In memory of Grandad
© Andrew Taylor 2022