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Last Updated: 23/11/2021 at 10:10

Update Summary

Since the last version (24/03/2021) the following changes have been made:

  • This has been substantially revised so a summary is not possible.
  • Amends to privacy policy ethos section to clarify the site owner as an individual
  1. Website & Related Services - General Use
    1. One account is allowed per person.
    2. That the owner and any other person associated with this website accept no liability of any kind for any issues arising through the use of, or because of, this website, database or related systems.
    3. No guarantees are made to the availability of the website or the continued integrity of the data contained within the database(s).
    4. The source code and data for this site is © Andrew Taylor and cannot be used, reverse engineered, modified or copied in part or entirely without the owner’s express permission.
    5. You are not permitted to run automated scans, perform web scraping or data mining on the website without the website owner’s express permission. Such activity is against the terms of use and may compromise the level of service and enjoyment to other users of the website.
    6. You are not allowed to use an automated bot, automated clicker or similar tool to play the game. It is not designed for this purpose, constitutes cheating and may degrade the level of service and enjoyment of the game to other players & website users.
  2. Vehicles, Brands, Locations & Other Items
    1. Vehicle models, manufacturers, brands and locations are to be treated as fictitious in the context of the game and should not be relied upon to accurately reflect any similarly named counterparts in the real world.
    2. Should any manufacturer, trademark or copyright owner object to having a vehicle or other item in the game bearing the same name in the game, then please contact the website owner via the Contact Us form located in the main website navigation. If necessary, they will be removed or altered as appropriate as soon as possible.
  3. Third Party Images & Image Attribution
    1. The site owner endeavours to remove any registration marks on any vehicle’s photos in the game. If any registrations are still visible then please contact the site owner. All third-party images that are used have been altered and so should not be relied upon for accuracy.
    2. As of November 2021, image attributions were added to the game to give appropriate credit to the original photographers of vehicles within the game where possible.
    3. With a game of this scale and with such little resource, it would be realistically impossible to gain permission for all images within the game. Many of these images would have or already have been lost in time and one of the aims of the game is to preserve and re-live the automotive world of the past.
    4. All vehicles in the game, and therefore images of, are freely accessible and are not behind a pay wall.
      1. All images contained within the game have been modified in some way and are downscaled to a low-resolution thumbnail image. They thereby are considered by the site owner to be derivatives of the original works and are in many cases inferior due to the resolution constraints imposed by their inclusion in the game.
      2. Credit for images will be given where feasible and is an area of ongoing effort.
      3. Images with licencing will be clearly marked once processed and where necessary.
      4. Images without licencing will be regarded as place holder images and may be replaced at a later date or removed on request by the relevant copyright owner. Images are used in good faith and are not intended to diminish or compete against any interests of the author of the original works.
  4. Player Conduct
    1. You agree not to communicate any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws to any user of this site.
    2. You acknowledge that all views and opinions expressed on this site are those of their author and not the administrators or site owners.
    3. Multiple accounts are not permitted. If you need to create another account then you should cease using any previous accounts owned by yourself.
    4. You must not exploit any bugs or flaws within the game to gain an unsporting advantage to other players or to harm the website in any way. In the event of such a discovery you should report the bug via either the bug report form or other official communication channel e.g. Direct Message on Discord. You should not exploit it yourself.
    5. Accounts found directly or indirectly benefiting other accounts on a regular basis will be investigated for cheating and users may have such accounts permanently banned from the game.
    6. Accounts suspected of either cheating or being a duplicate of another active account belonging to the same person may be locked or banned permanently. If you would like to appeal this then you can contact the site owner through the Contact Us form on the website.
  5. Game Memberships
    1. Are treated as a donation to the project (& very much appreciated!).
    2. Refunds will typically not be given and if they are given; are purely at the discretion of the website owner.
    3. Does not provide any additional access to any unlicenced third party in-game vehicle images, brands or locations bearing similar names or likenesses unless said or licenced otherwise. Access to such content is provided free without membership and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
    4. If you breach the terms of this agreement or disagree with it, then you may lose access to member content or services and will not be normally provided with a refund. It is the payee's responsibility to cancel any subscription agreements that were previously set up.
    5. Cancellations of memberships should be carried out by the payee in most cases. Please review your payment provider (such as Ko-fi, Patreon or similar) where you can cancel your membership to the game.
    6. The site owner reserves the right to cancel memberships or refund payments for any reason, including for example: suspected duplicate payments, suspected fraud or similar.
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