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Buy and sell from a selection of over 440 detailed retro cars & other vehicles. Carry out maintenance, fit performance parts and race them in competition with the other players inhabiting MotorNation.

Or if racing isn't your thing - trade cars for profit and attempt to become the richest citizen, acquiring some of the world's rarest cars along the way! Or - just deliver pizzas...

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15th September 2023 v0.49.0
Vehicle Storage, Members Choice XIX & More!
New Vehicle Storage!
New Vehicle Storage Rental options are now available!
Members Choice XIX!
Members Choice XIX!

Big releases have been a bit fewer and far between than I'd have liked, despite the hard work going on behind the scenes, so I'm pleased to kick off this post with the release of a significant new feature: New Vehicle Storage options!

New Vehicle Storage Rental Options!

Members now have access to a further storage option - off-site vehicle storage! The options are membership tier dependent to give something back to those that help keep the game afloat! With six options in total:

  • Lock-up: Offering storage for 4 additional vehicles (All Members)
  • Converted Stable & Barn: Offering storage for 6 and 8 additional vehicles respectively (Gold Members and above)
  • Business & Industrial Units: Offering storage for 12 and 24 additional vehicles respectively (Platinum Members and above)
  • Hangar! Offering massive storage for up to 72 additional vehicles respectively (Diamond Members only)

Other things to note:

  • You can sign up for vehicle storage via the Estate Agent, as per the previous single garage rental!
  • The 'archive' storage works a little differently to what has existed in the game up until now. Vehicles in storage are limited in what they can do unless they are retrieved.
  • Vehicles in storage can be retrieved from a new 'Storage' tab in the Player's Garage.
  • Despite the above, the new storage options are not located at the player's house and they must travel back and forth to visit their vehicle storage. Worth bearing this in mind in terms of game time and fuel usage!
  • Rentals are now cancelled for players who have not logged in for 10 days. This is to protect their money from being drained whilst they are not playing! Upon coming back to the game, they may wish to re-apply for the relevant vehicle storage or perhaps move your vehicles from out of storage going forwards!
  • In the event that your rental lapses, you will still have the option to retrieve your vehicle for an (in-game) fee. This means you should never lose access to your vehicles.
  • There are now confirmation screens when cancelling or signing up for rentals.

The basic premise of this is to provide additional storage options to those that:

  • Have exceeded their housing options.
  • Want to by-pass the saving for the next house upgrade when they spot a vehicle that they must have!

It is also a way for me to say thank you to all members, especially those that opt to pay for higher tiers. This keeps the game development progressing, a roof over my head and food on the table! Thank you!

As a monthly in-game fee is taken for the storage, especially the bigger options, it also offers a new layer of strategy for those that wish to have an especially large vehicle collection!

Members Choice XIX!

Welcome to the release of the 19th Members Choice Pack as chosen by the community!

  • 1991 Marque-Denizen M-19E 2.5-16V Cossie:
    A shift in focus meant this rally-destined machine, instead found its way to pounding around the track in the premier German touring car series!
  • 1995 Dooyae Espira 2.0 CDXi:
    Priding itself on an impressive spec. for the price, this South Korean family car pushed the boundaries as to what the British public could expect for their money if they didn't mind giving a different brand a chance!
  • 1995 Prosher Typ 91 3.8 Caravel RL Club Sport:
    Now seen as the pinnacle for naturally aspirated Typ 91s, this race bred special is sure to appeal for a variety of reasons!
  • 1982 Terrota Couplet 1.8 GT-TS:
    A rare, homologation special, this twin-cam turbo'd car provided the rugged reliability base for a cool looking, if slightly unfortunately timed, rally beast!
  • 1991 Terrota Highload 2.4D 4x4 Pick-up*:
    (Bonus) Some say it is the later generation of a legendary indestructible pick-up truck, others may have desired it when they got back to the future, all we know is that it's one dependable work horse!

The following vehicle was also updated:

  • 1991 Marque-Denizen M-19 2.0 E

As usual, the above vehicles may be available new or second hand in the classifieds, as appropriate, from time to time! All players can access these vehicles. A massive thank you to those that have contributed towards getting these in-game!

* Unfortunately, the 4-door version wasn't available in the UK for this generation. Pictures were also hard, as well as ambiguous, to come by across different versions, so instead I've opted for the more common UK variant — apologies for any disappointment!

Sold Vehicles & Classified Buyout Changes

In the past, there have been cases where small groups of players try to empty the classifieds. This is something I always anticipated, and took steps to mitigate, but it can still cause disruption to players.

To tackle this, I have now made changes so that vehicles that are bought and quickly re-sold will now re-appear in the classifieds. This all being well should further mitigate the issue, and as part of this I also thought I'd add something of visual interest - vehicles that are now sold will now briefly show as such in the classifieds!

Also: It is no longer required to remove any classified advert before quick selling vehicles!

Funding Goal 3 Update!

Unfortunately, this was missed, certainly not helped by once again having some advertising difficulties! I will be spending some time on this very soon to try and get this fixed to hopefully get things back on track!

Upcoming Price Changes for new Members & those switching tiers

Due to rampant inflation across much of the world over the past year, I will unfortunately have no choice but to raise the prices for new members and will affect those switching to a different tier in the near future. This will also unfortunately affect those that wish to buy annual memberships through Ko-fi going forwards as there is no automatic renewal for that. Annual Ko-fi members will at least have already benefited from previous annual membership discounts (and new ones will too, going forwards!).

Whilst I wish I could absorb such increases; this simply isn't possible with my own expenses increasing and being behind where ideally need to be from a financial point of view. I will, however, try to keep them as low as possible.

In general, and as before, existing members will be unaffected by these changes providing you do not switch member tiers and that you keep your subscription running.

Closing Comments

It is easy to overlook how much work has gone into these changes, but it has been significant. This is reflected in the game jumping from version 0.47.x straight to 0.49.0! I also decided that it was time to try to manage some of the games 'technical debt' as the game, as well as the code base has grown. Because of this, there were a lot of code changes. I will likely talk about this more in the next member update, due soon!

Despite my best efforts, issues may occur. If you spot anything that seems amiss, then please report it and I will look to rectify such issues as appropriate.

Otherwise, enjoy the changes and, as always, know that there is more to come!

With the Job Centre offering the ability to do much more in the game, as well as the new vehicle storage options(!), there has never been a better time to join! Every penny makes a difference and it only costs from as little as £2.50 a month! (when paid yearly)

Don't miss out on the full experience!

Other noteworthy changes since v0.47.0:
  • Added own vehicle submission
  • Platform upgrades
  • Updated sustainability metrics
  • Fixed error when invalid track specified
  • Much re-factoring and improvements to the game's codebase and tests.
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  • Play your way! Unlike traditional games, MotorNation is designed to be played a little - often.
  • A roster of over 440 vehicles! With new vehicles being added often.
  • Trade cars for profit! Or just get rid of that eye sore on your driveway.
  • Install upgrades! Improve everything from acceleration to handling. A careful balance is needed to create the fastest setup per class/track.
  • Repair and upgrade a classic cars! See how old compares with new!
  • Do jobs! Everything from delivering curries to being a wedding chauffeur!
  • Catch the millennium bug! Set in the United Kingdom in the year 2000 with car availability and prices to suit. This basically means that the game has a greater focus on older, rarer and iconic cars when compared with other car games.
  • Many possibilities! Whether it is trying to create the fastest hatchback, collecting the rarest cars in the game or simply trying to become the richest citizen!
  • Race up to 24 players at a time! Not enough other players? Computer opponents will fill the empty places!
  • Instant races against the computer! Make small amounts of cash and test out your car ahead of bigger races!
  • Challenge other players! Think your cars faster than another players? Send then a challenge and perhaps make a wager if you are brave enough!
  • Set the fastest lap times on each track! Prove your the fastest once and for all!
  • Buy the rarest cars before other players do! Some cars are most exclusive than others!
  • Show you mean business! Compete against each other on the Hall of Fame to see who can rack up the most number of points from races/fast laps and who can amass the biggest fortune!
  • Realistic classifieds! Used car dealer and the classifieds stock changes often and contain a variety of cars at realistic prices for the era. Keep an eye out for bargains, or something a little special...
  • I know what I've got Want to sell your own? Think your's is the best? Advertise it in the classifieds to find out!
  • Buyer beware! As in real life, second hand cars are cheaper but may need extensive repairs or even complete restoration!
  • Avoid the hassle Buy brand new cars from the manufacturers!

The game is intended to be easy to play but is built on a foundation of complex models to provide a rich and detailed game world!

  • Semi-realistic lap times Algoritims calculate car performance and how quickly cars can go round a track!
  • Jalopies and thirsty beasts! Vehicles wear, more so during races, which affects performance and they also burn fuel!
  • Cars are not created equal! Highly strung performance cars wear at faster rates than more ordinary every day cars and cost more to maintain and fuel.
  • One careful owner - NOT! Buying performance upgrades can wear a car out faster and cause it to burn more fuel.
  • Price Guide Perfect* *Not really. But the car valuations in the game are built on a model which takes a wide variety of factors into consideration and is on the whole fairly accurate.
  • What's your best price mate? Simulated second hand cars including mileage/wear/rarity!
  • Try your luck Classifieds last realistic periods and if not bought by another player, they may be bought by simulated citizens based on the car's price. Got patience? Price high and hope for the best!
  • Class of 2000 Car class calculation to show the racing potential of cars and to allow a variety cars to compete!
  • In-game forum! Chat with MotorNations inhabitants to discuss strategies, cars, competitions or just about anything else. But please keep it civil!
  • Join the Discord server! For real time discussions with the other players of MotorNation! From automotive memes to discussing the frailties of different engines, if it can be discussed it probably has been here!
  • Support the game for more! Spread the word or buy membership to help fund the game so that it can reach it's potential!
  • So many ideas such little time... With your help and a little luck, I can build MotorNation.net into something amazing!
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