A free to play online persistent browser-based strategy game where players can live the life of an automotive obsessive!

Buy and sell from a selection of over 360 detailed retro cars & other vehicles. Carry out maintenance, fit performance parts and race them in competition with the other players inhabiting MotorNation.

Or if racing isn't your thing - trade cars for profit and attempt to become the richest citizen, acquiring some of the worlds rarest cars along the way! Or - just deliver pizzas...

Latest News
20/05/2022 v0.34.2
New Races: Motorway cruisers to B road blasters

It's been a fair while now, but whilst work on the class re-balancing is underway, I didn't want this to hold back new content any longer so say hello to three new special events!

  • Repmobile Lead-Off
    Grab your shaver and suitcase, cram your boot full of overpriced merchandise and beat the competition in this race to show that your middling car is fractionally better than your competition!
  • Executive Tourers
    Prove yourself better than your sub-ordinates! Show off your sunroof and fake wood! Set the cruise to above the speed limit and flash anyone less important out of the way! Think outside the box and demonstrate your executive cruisers credentials!
  • 90s Hot Hatch Challenge!
    As the 90s drew on, the hot hatch grew more powerful but also became more grown up and as a consequence, heavier. Prove that your fancy new car is the fastest in the car park.
Performance Changes & Disqualification Refunds
Performance Changes

As touched on in the last news post, the RS200 and Cappuccino stats have been updated, making them faster as standard. This means that their class has shifted and as a consequence players may find themselves disqualified from any races that they may have previously entered with them.

Automatic Refunds

Since such changes are of no-fault of the player, and to allow me greater flexibility to carry out such changes, I have implemented a new refund system. This means that in the above scenario the system will automatically refund the player both their entry fee and game time should they be disqualified in these circumstances.

I envisage that this system will also be useful as part of the class system re-balance changes.


Players whose vehicle will be disqualified are now highlighted when viewing an upcoming race event. They will appear the same regardless as to whether or not they will qualify for refund.


As a bonus as part of these changes and following community contributions I've also been able to add another replacement photo for the Cappuccino from a Gold Members former car! Many thanks for this!

Further Repair Shop Tweaks

Since the last news post there have been a number of changes and balance tweaks to the repair shop, including:

  • Repair all time now reduces if damage is below 10 or 1% thresholds
  • Now shows damage to 1 decimal place which may aid vehicle condition restriction diagnosis
  • Repair buttons for 1 and 10% are now properly disabled when the car isn't that damaged
  • Fixed vehicle image attributions not appearing on repair confirmation page

A special thanks to anyone that contributed towards the above changes!

As always, thank you to members and donors for your support! If you are not and you would like to support this project in addition to gaining further insight into the game, please find more details on the Membership page!

With the new Job Centre offering the ability to do much more in the game, there has never been a better time to join! Every penny makes a difference right now and during Beta it only costs as little as £1.49 a month!

Don't miss out on the full experience!

Other noteworthy changes since v0.33.0:
  • Former members are now limited to two vehicle slots as was always the intention
  • Now record when a vehicles stats were last updated
  • Now record race entry date and time
  • Can now get computer opponents by category type
  • Default vehicle category is now 'General'
  • Some re-factoring of single race events pages
  • Updated player name formatting on single race view
  • Improvements to vehicle import process
  • Special race order is now actually taken into consideration
  • Some fixes to multiple account detection and minor improvements
  • Further work towards automating Patreon renewals
  • Fixed a bug where game messages could be duplicated in the new system
  • Fixed theoretically possible 0 mpg
  • Added the ability to stack messages
  • Game announcements no longer override other game messages
  • Fixed an occasional bug with the job system
  • Updated sustainability metrics and development roadmap
  • Removed updated flag from Job Centre
  • Various backend improvements
  • Platform Upgrades
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Game Features - Tap for more details!
  • Play your way! Unlike traditional games, MotorNation is designed to be played a little - often.
  • A roster of over 360 vehicles! With new vehicles being added often.
  • Trade cars for profit! Or just get rid of that eye sore on your driveway.
  • Install upgrades! Improve everything from acceleration to handling. A careful balance is needed to create the fastest setup per class/track.
  • Repair and upgrade a classic cars! See how old compares with new!
  • Do jobs! Everything from delivering curries to being a wedding chauffeur!
  • Catch the millennium bug! Set in the United Kingdom in the year 2000 with car availability and prices to suit. This basically means that the game has a greater focus on older, rarer and iconic cars when compared with other car games.
  • Many possibilities! Whether it is trying to create the fastest hatchback, collecting the rarest cars in the game or simply trying to become the richest citizen!
  • Race up to 24 players at a time! Not enough other players? Computer opponents will fill the empty places!
  • Instant races against the computer! Make small amounts of cash and test out your car ahead of bigger races!
  • Challenge other players! Think your cars faster than another players? Send then a challenge and perhaps make a wager if you are brave enough!
  • Set the fastest lap times on each track! Prove your the fastest once and for all!
  • Buy the rarest cars before other players do! Some cars are most exclusive than others!
  • Show you mean business! Compete against each other on the Hall of Fame to see who can rack up the most number of points from races/fast laps and who can amass the biggest fortune!
  • Realistic classifieds! Used car dealer and the classifieds stock changes often and contain a variety of cars at realistic prices for the era. Keep an eye out for bargains, or something a little special...
  • I know what I've got Want to sell your own? Think your's is the best? Advertise it in the classifieds to find out!
  • Buyer beware! As in real life, second hand cars are cheaper but may need extensive repairs or even complete restoration!
  • Avoid the hassle Buy brand new cars from the manufacturers!

The game is intended to be easy to play but is built on a foundation of complex models to provide a rich and detailed game world!

  • Semi-realistic lap times Algoritims calculate car performance and how quickly cars can go round a track!
  • Jalopies and thirsty beasts! Vehicles wear, more so during races, which affects performance and they also burn fuel!
  • Cars are not created equal! Highly strung performance cars wear at faster rates than more ordinary every day cars and cost more to maintain and fuel.
  • One careful owner - NOT! Buying performance upgrades can wear a car out faster and cause it to burn more fuel.
  • Price Guide Perfect* *Not really. But the car valuations in the game are built on a model which takes a wide variety of factors into consideration and is on the whole fairly accurate.
  • What's your best price mate? Simulated second hand cars including mileage/wear/rarity!
  • Try your luck Classifieds last realistic periods and if not bought by another player, they may be bought by simulated citizens based on the car's price. Got patience? Price high and hope for the best!
  • Class of 2000 Car class calculation to show the racing potential of cars and to allow a variety cars to compete!
  • In-game forum! Chat with MotorNations inhabitants to discuss strategies, cars, competitions or just about anything else. But please keep it civil!
  • Join the Discord server! For real time discussions with the other players of MotorNation! From automotive memes to discussing the frailties of different engines, if it can be discussed it probably has been here!
  • Support the game for more! Spread the word or buy membership to help fund the game so that it can reach it's potential!
  • So many ideas such little time... With your help and a little luck, I can build MotorNation.net into something amazing!
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