Game Features


MotorNation is an free online browser-based RPG/strategy game where players can buy, sell, collect, race, repair and upgrade cars.

Players can take part in various activities relating to vehicles (see the screenshots). Unlike traditional games, MotorNation is designed to be played a little - often. For example you may play it for 10 minutes a day, perfect for fitting in with our every day busy lives!

Players can compete as they choose against other players, whether it is trying to create the fastest hatchback, collecting the rarest cars in the game or simply trying to become the richest citizen! The game is currently set in the United Kingdom in the year 2000 with car availability and prices to suit. This basically means that the game has a greater focus on older, rarer and iconic cars when compared with other car games.

Features at a glance

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  • A roster of over 260 cars with new cars being added often.
  • A selection of upgrades that can be installed on cars improving everything from acceleration to handling. A careful balance is needed to create the fastest setup per class/track.
  • Restore and upgrade a classic car to see how old compares with new!
  • Race other players in single races with up to 24 opponents. Not enough other players online? AI opponents will fill the empty places!
  • Race AI Opponents one on one for cash. The harder or easier the opponent, the more or less money is awarded per win!
  • Think your cars faster than another players? Send then a challenge and perhaps make a wager if you are brave enough!
  • Set the fastest lap times on each track to prove your the fastest once and for all!
  • Buy the rarest cars before other players do! There are some exclusive cars in the game that only one player may own at once as in reality.
  • Compete against each other on the Hall of Fame to see who can rack up the most number of points from races/fast laps and who can amass the biggest fortune!
  • Buy brand new cars from the manufacturers!
  • Used car dealer and the classifieds stock changes often and contain a variety of cars at realistic prices for the era. Keep an eye out for bargains, or something a little special...
  • As in real life, second hand cars are cheaper but may need extensive repairs or even complete restoration!
  • Highly strung performance cars wear at faster rates than more ordinary every day cars and cost more to maintain and fuel.
  • Buying performance upgrades can wear a car out faster and cause it to burn more fuel.
  • The in-game forum will allow MotorNations inhabitants to discuss strategies, cars, competitions or just about anything else. But please keep it civil!

Regular Updates! The game will be frequently updated to add new features, cars and tracks!